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DMR 898 Frame

£299.99  | rrp. £399.99
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DMR  |  Product Ref : 306118

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DMR 898 Frame £299.99 1 in stock

DMR 898 This DMR 898 frame uses our premium Cro.Mo tubing and it is tig welded to our normal high standard, it’s also Heat Treated... but with a difference.


Most good dirt-jump frames are heat treated, but BEFORE welding. This means that the welding process sets up all sorts of stress and strain in the frame that can weaken it and destroy the ride quality. The 898 is heat treated AFTER welding. It goes through a DMR devised process of heating and cooling, this helps it relax and soothes away all it’s angst. The result is a lighter, tougher, more dependable, longer lasting and friendlier frame. ‘POST WELD HEAT TREATMENT’ costs more, but I’m pretty sure that you will agree that it’s worth it. 898? 898oC is the temp that helps the frame to relax at the start of it’s therapy. It’s the key to the whole process, then it’s hardened and toughened [we’ll keep those temps secret] making it one of the lightest, strongest and smoothest riding frames that you will ever own. 

Technical Info


Tubeset – custom butted tubing is made from a special steel alloy which after heat treatment is about 40% stronger allowing thinner tube wall dimensions, to reduce weight.

CNC machined headtube to exactly control wall thickness so the strength/weight ratio is optimised and to ensure perfect fit for the internal 45/45 type headset.

Chainstays are as short as possible for quick handling and easy manuals.

10mm dropouts are CNC machined to save more weight.

MID BB has bigger stronger bearings that fit directly into the frame to save weight [no cups].

Dirt jump Geometry. DMR gets it right, our frames are fine tuned for serious riding and are world renowned for their perfect trail manners, just like our riders!

Light but not too light. there is a fine line between a light bike and a bent bike, our new competition DJ frame has the balance of weight vs reliability our team riders need, its not a frame for the trail novice.

What Forks? Our geometry is designed for a short travel fork, max 100mm, or our Trailblade forks.

Please note the 898 frame is designed to be run exclusively with Microdrive, the largest chainring available to fitted to an 898 frame is 25 tooth. BluGlo [80’s Bright Blue] or BluMet (Deep Blue Metallic) Includes Free Extra Decal Stickers

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